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About PDF Edit Tools and PDF Converters

1. Is your software sent via DVD or just email?

2. What are the computer requirements to use the program?

3. What is the max file size or page limit for conversion?

4. Can the book flip pages when I roll mouse?

5. Why I cannot hear the background music of my flip book?

6. What can I do with edit pages in Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional?

7. Is there a way to set the corner effect of Wise PDF to Flipbook?

8. How can I know whether the software is updated?

9. How to share my flipbook online?

10. What does Batch Convert mean in Wise PDF to Flipbook?

11. Can I set the flipping time of flipbook?

12. Could I convert part pages of PDF to flipbook?

13. What kind of Page Quality should I choose in Wise PDF to Flipbook?

14. Why I cannot see the toolbar in my flip book?

15. Where is Social Share in Wise PDF to Flipbook?

16. If I don't have a cover for my flipbook?

17. How to enable the download button in flip book?

18. How to remove bookmark of my flip book?

19. Where is print button in flip book?

20. How to import themes to my flip book?

21. How to set my flip book flip pages automatically?

22. Can I set the proportion of my flip book?

23. How to change the icon color of my flip book?

24. How to set the search result font color of flip book?

25. Is there a way to enable fullscreen of flipbook?

26. How to start Upload Online service in flip book?

27. Could I make a theme for my flip book by myself?

28. Is it possible to make flash as background of flip book?

29. Why I cannot change theme for my flip book?

30. If I don't want to import book mark in PDF

31. Is it possible to change soft cover to hard cover?

32. Could hyperlink and text in PDF file be reserved?

33. Could I view the flip book on mobile if it is created on computer?

34. How to apply dynamic scene in flip book software?

35. If I want to insert YouTube video into my flip book

36. Whether I could use Google Analytics in flip book?

37. Why I can only see ten pages after import PDF?

38. Why I can only see part of background image?

39. How to burn flipping books to CDs by using Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional?

40. Humanization Option--Help button in Wise PDF to Flip Book Professional.

41. How to set the play count of flipping book?