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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Wise PDF Page Crop

Crop the PDF pages at any size as you like at a lighting speed!

  • A concise and professional operation interface;
  • Crop the PDF pages at any size at a lighting speed;
  • Crop or remove the white margins at your option;
  • Import or export the rule of cropping for repeating cropping;
  • Adjust the size of the pages again.
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Wise PDF Page Crop is a handy and convenient application mainly focused on cropping the PDF sizes at any size as you like at a lighting speed. It enables you to crop or remove the white margins according to your need. What’s more, Wise PDF Page Crop also allows you to readjust the page size as you like.

1. A concise and professional operation interface



With a concise and professional operation interface, even if you are fresh to our software, you can use it easily by yourself in just a few seconds. Due to its convenience, you can easily handle the problems of cropping your PDF files.


2. Crop the PDF pages at any size at a lighting speed


crop_quicklyWise PDF Page Crop is widely used to crop the PDF pages at any size or remove the white margins so as to meet your need. It does not require any complex operating steps. Its high speed in cropping PDF pages makes your job easier. Your working efficiency will be raised and you time will be saved by using Wise PDF Page Crop.


3. Operation Simplification


Wise PDF Page Crop is a handy and convenient application, you can operate it easily in just few steps. It does not require any complex operations.Moreover, if you want to get more detailed information about our products, you can just click "help"..



4.Support parts of the keyboard operation

keyboard_operationThe keyboard operation makes your work more easily. You needn’t to operate every step with your mouse, the keyboard shortcuts help you raise your working efficiency. Those keyboard shortcuts operations include copying (Ctrl+C), pasting (Ctrl+V), undoing (Ctrl+Z), redoing (Ctrl+Y) and so on.

5. Competitive price and more affordable




Wise PDF Page Crop with strong functions has a competitive price and is more affordabl. You just need to pay $35, and all cropping problems will be under your control. Do not let such an opportunity slip away! Just take action right now!


6. Lifetime free update

free_updateOur company aims to provide customers with high quality products and services. We adhere to the tenet "quality first, credibility supremacy and dedicated customer service" over the years. Therefore, you can free update the latest version of your application online for a lifetime in order to get more functions and new features.

7. Lifetime free use



Once you have purchased our software, you have the right to free use it for a lifetime, we will not ask for any extract fee after completing a deal. Of course, you can enjoy all of its functions forever.



8. Full refund within 30 days


If you are not very satisfied with our products for some reasons, you can contact us directly by email. Welcome to give us some suggestions, we will solve out any problems you raise.We promise to give you full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with our software.


Wise PDF Page crop has those features as following:


1. Import or export the rule of cropping for repeating cropping


Time is money, nobody wants to repeat the same thing. Wise PDF Page Crop enables you to export the cropping rules of current settings this time and import that rule next time for avoiding repeating the same process.

2.Three kinds of Auto-add crop box are available to you


Auto-add Bleed Box as crop mark

Auto-add Trim Box as crop mark

Auto-add Art Box as crop mark

3. Dpi option

dpiYou can set Dpi data in Wise PDF Page Crop according to your requirement. The higher the Dpi is, the lower the performance will be. We strongly recommend you to use the original option----144.

4. One or more cropping box in the same page


Wise PDF Page Crop supports one or more cropping boxes in the same page. One page can be cropped into two or more parts. Therefore, it allows you to crop several parts of the same pages at the same time.

5. Different cropping rules in different pages


Wise PDF Page Crop allows you to set different cropping rules for different pages. So you can define the rules you like in every page. It is easier for you to get into your work.

6. Command-line Mode operation


Wise PDF Page Crop also offers you the command line mode. If you are familiar with the computer program, you can operate it directly by command line. How convenient it is!