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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Wise PDF Scan and Split

A powerful and professional application devised to scan and split PDF based upon Barcode and blank pages!

  • A professional operation interface;
  • Batch scanning your documents and splitting them directly into PDF files;
  • Split PDF file into several ones based upon barcodes and blank pages;
  • Different kinds of name patterns;
  • Allow to recognize the blank pages;
  • Various kinds of splitting methods.
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Wise PDF Scan and Split is a necessary and utility application. It can be used to scan your documents and then split them into PDF files. What’ more, it also allows you to split PDF files into multiple small PDF files based upon the barcodes and blank pages. It is really a good and efficient way for you to convert paper documents into PDF files.

1. A simple and professional operation interface



With a professional operation interface, you needn’t to spend a lot time in knowing how to use Wise PDF Scan and Split. So you can get into your job in a short time and even if you are fresh to our software, you can use it easily by yourself in just a few seconds.

2. Batch splitting PDF files into several ones based upon barcodes and blank pages



With Wise PDF Scan and Split, your PDF files can be easily split into multiple small PDF files. You can choose to split your PDF files by barcode page or blank page. Moreover, you can even split your PDF based on your pages.



3. Operation Simplification



Wise PDF Scan and Split is a handy and convenient application, you can split your pdf flies into small ones easily in just few steps. Moreover, if you want to get more detailed information about our products, you can just click "help".


4. Batch scanning your paper documents and splitting them directly into PDF files



With Wise PDF Scan and Split, it is a piece of cake for you to batch scanning your paper documents and split those documents into small PDF files directly at a short time. It does not require any complex operations or options.


5. Lifetime free update

free_updateOur company aims to provide customers with high quality products and services. We adhere to the tenet "quality first, credibility supremacy and dedicated customer service" over the years. Therefore, you can free update the latest version of your application online for a lifetime in order to get more functions and new features.

6. Lifetime free use



Once you have purchased our software, you have the right to free use it for a lifetime, we will not ask for any extract fee after completing a deal. Of course, you can also enjoy all of its functions forever. How attractive it is!



7. Full refund within 30 days


If you are not very satisfied with our products for some reasons, you can contact us directly by email. Welcome to give us some suggestions, we will solve out any problems you raise. We promise to give you full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with our software.


Wise PDF Scan and Split has those features as following:


1. Different kinds of name patterns


Wise PDF Scan and Split provides you with various kinds of name patterns, such as {basename}.{part:00000}, {basename}{barcode}, {basename}.{pagerange} and so on. You can choose the suitable one for you to output your PDF files.

2.Allow to recognize the blank pages


Wise PDF Scan and Split, you can recognize the blank pages by adjusting the Black/white value and Threshold value. At the bottom of the setting interface, you can see the test results for recognizing.

3. Various kinds of splitting methods

split_methods Wise PDF Scan and Split offers you a series of splitting methods:Method 1: Printed barcode page as splitting tag; Method 2: Blank page as splitting tag; Method 3: Split every N pages ( For example, splitting your PDF files by every 2 pages)

4. Hot directory


Hot directories mode allows you to deal with all your PDF files which are put in the input directory file automatically according to the current setting. Therefore, it is good way for you to saving your time.

5. The options of separator page


The options of separator page are available to you in Wise PDF Scan and Split. You can choose to add separator page to the previous splitting part or later part, or even you can give it up according to your needs.

6. Compatible with all Windows Operation System


Wise PDF Scan and Split is compatible with all Windows Operation Systems, including window98, 2000, 2003, NT, Vista, XP and Win7.