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PowerPoint Presentation for Flipping Book

Welcome! Here is PowerPoint presentation Tutorial center. You can get more knowledge of Flipping Book makers. How to create a digital book with flipping page, how to make a personal flipping book templates, and how to use your page flipping book in more fields will be shown here. The content of PowerPoint presentation Tutorial center will keep updating and if you have great suggestions, contact us by support#wise-pdf-tools.com (replace # with @) . If your ideas are valuable, they will be shown on the PowerPoint presentation Tutorial as well.


Enjoy yourself here! We will try our best to solve problems that you may meet when making your flipping books. The simple and concise way to show you with graphics and texts will help you understand the tutorials better.


Set multi-language for your page-flip book

I believe you have create many flip books. Do you want to share it with your foreign friends? You say the flip books only have English button but foreign friends have no idea to use the flip book? You know, the Wise PDF to Flipbook is such powerful that provides you a way to solve it.

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How to make a page-flip book of cartoon?

You are now beating your brains to draw your kids attention to their books and learning. You have no idea to make your kids be interested in books. How about making a page-flip book of cartoon for them to read online or offline? That's an amazing thought. You can install Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional to convert your PDF files to page-flip books with various materials inserted like images, links, flash.

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How to merge PDF and image into one PDF file?

Sometimes in our office work we encounter such problems that we want to merge one pdf file and another pdf file into one pdf but there is no way to get it, and that we need to insert a picture into a pdf file but no one knows how. Have you ever got stuck with these problems?

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How to insert photo slideshow into flipbook?

In fact, photo slideshow could be seen at everywhere on medias. But have you ever heard a photo slideshow in flip book? And do you know how to insert a photo slideshow into page-flip book? I'll show you how great Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional is. It allows you not only to insert flash, video, but also such an beautiful photo slideshow.

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How to split one PDF to several smaller PDF files?

Usually, we encounter such problems in our office work that the PDF file is too large while we only need some of it, or in one PDF file you only need several useful pages but you have no idea how to extract them. Many problems like these is a headache to us. It is small, at the same time seems to be indispensable. We just need to find out some way to solve the problems and save time for us.

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