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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Wise PDF Scan Optimizer

A miraculous and professional application designed to perfect your scanned PDF files!

  • A distinct and professional operation interface;
  • Adjust the angle of the sideling image page;
  • Switch images to threshold, ordered and grayscale ones;
  • Delete the blank pages;
  • Hot directory mode.
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Wise PDF Scan Optimizer is a professional and utility application which has a powerful function in perfecting your scanned PDF pages. In order to make your scanned PDF file more professional and attractive, Wise PDF Scan Optimizer is a good assistant to adjust the sideling scanned PDF pages. It not only provides you with a way to switch your image to threshold, ordered and grayscale one, but also allows you to delete the blank pages in a short time according to your needs.

1. A distinct and professional operation interface


With a professional operation interface, you needn’t to spend a lot time in knowing how to use Wise PDF Scan Optimizer. So you can get into your job in a short time and even if you are fresh to our software, you can use it easily by yourself in just a few seconds.


2. Adjust the angle of the sideling image page


adjust_angleDo you have face a problem that your scanned PDF page sometimes may be sideling? Therefore, it looks not so good. Wise PDF Scan Optimizer is a marvelous application which can help you solve out those problems. It can help you to adjust the angle of the image pages so as to reach an optimum effect in visual appreciation.


3. Switch the image to threshold, ordered and grayscale one


switch_imageWise PDF Scan Optimizer provides you with a rapid way to process your images in your PDF files. You can switch those images to threshold, ordered or grayscale ones. Therefore, you can get a image with different visual effects.



4. Delete the blank pages



Wise PDF Scan Optimizer is a powerful application which allows you to delete the blank pages. Those blank pages have a bad influence in the layout effect. So this function helps you delete those needless pages so as to make a perfect PDF file.


5. Lifetime free update

free_updateOur company aims to provide customers with high quality products and services. We adhere to the tenet "quality first, credibility supremacy and dedicated customer service" over the years. Therefore, you can free update the latest version of your application online for a lifetime in order to get more functions and new features.

6. Lifetime free use



Once you have purchased our software, you have the right to free use it for a lifetime, we will not ask for any extract fee after completing a deal. Of course, you can enjoy all of its functions forever.



7. Full refund within 30 days


If you are not very satisfied with our products for some reasons, you can contact us directly by email. Welcome to give us some suggestions, we will solve out any problems you raise. We promise to give you full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with our software.


Wise PDF Scan optimizer has those features as following:


1. Deskew processing


Wise PDF Scan Optimizer offers you a powerful function of deskew processing. You can choose the suitable angle from 1°to 180° to adjust your sideling pages. It also allows you to choose different kinds of antialias modes.

2.Monochrome effects


There are three kinds of visual effects available to you, including threshold, grayscale and ordered effects. Wise PDF Scan Optimizer also enables you to preview current effect and original effect, which allows you to choose the best one.

3. Resample images in the PDF files

resample_image Wise PDF Scan Optimizer gives you a right to resample image by DPI, width and height, or scale. It allows you to define your favorite numerical values according to your requirement.

4. General options


Compress quality: adjust the image quality and the PDF file quality

Backup file: create a backup Image pixel data

option: image width and height pixel

5. Hot directory mode


Hot directories mode allows you to optimize any PDF file which are put in the inputting directory folder automatically. Therefore, it is good way for you to saving your time.

6. Compatible with all Windows Operation System


Wise PDF scan optimizer is compatible with all Windows Operation Systems, including window98, 2000, 2003, NT, Vista, XP and Win7.