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How to insert a photo slide show into your page-flip book?


Have you installed Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional to create a page-flip book? Have you got to know every function of the software? Maybe you have known how to insert a music or picture, even YouTube video into your flipping book, but do you know how to insert a photo slide show? I know you would ask: Where does the function hide? I have been very familiar with this software, why I haven’t found this function of inserting photo slide show? What’s more, why I have to insert photo slide show into my flip book?

As we all know, staying in such a rapid developing society, we need creative ideas most. Creative idea could bring us a lot, not only money, but also a promising future. If you are a magazine editor, you will find insert a photo slide show could win a lot readers and your boss’s eye; if a teacher, you can insert a photo slide show to present more thought of you and contribute to your lesson; if you a housewife, you can make flipping cartoon book with such a photo slide show to draw your kid’s attention; if a businessman, you could insert a photo slide show into your page-flip book to make you meeting more vivid and persuasive... .

In a word, it is good for you to learn such a useful function in Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional. I think you just can’t wait to know more now. Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush. I’m gonna show you the detailed steps.


As you have used the software, you must know the “Edit Pages”. Click “Edit Pages”, you will go to the “Flip Page Editor” interface and the “Add Button”is on the top row;

Firstly, click “Add Button” on the top row and double click on page to select an area to put an icon showing on the page;


Next, on the right of the interface is the “Button Properties”. Click “Select an Icon” to select an image or SWF file as the fire icon;


Then, click the “Action Options” to select an event and check “photo slide show” as the action type; and you were prompted to add images;

Select images that you need to add in the photo slide show and click “OK” ;


Save and exit, you can flip to the page that you have inserted the photo slide show and click to try the effect on your flip book.


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