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How to add bookmark for your flip book?


“Do one thing at a time, and do it well.”

Everyone has been very familiar with this words which was the maxim from Jobs. Here I cite it to express our pursuit of perfect and good job. We have developed the Wise PDF to Flipbook, and we strengthen its function to make it more powerful. Here we introduce you something about bookmark of page-flip book which would be more convenient for you to use flip book.

Generally, we use bookmark to mark the page of book we have reached to so that next time when we pick up the book again we could easily find where we have reached. Hence, we make bookmark a function of Wise PDF to Flipbook. The bookmark makes reading not only easy and convenient, but also as vivid as the real books. If you have added bookmarks to your flip book, next time you just need to click the bookmark to quickly go to related pages. In fact, the bookmark here even can mark pages as different notes according to your needs. For example, if you read one page that is very important, then you can add a bookmark -- input “important” or something else in the title and input page number in page. So later if you need this page, you can find it quickly and easily.

We always get feedback from customers that the bookmark is very great and useful. Of course there are also some of them are not very familiar with the steps to add bookmarks to flip book. Therefore, I’d like to show you the steps.

Firstly, Click bookmark to bookmark setting page;

Then, click Add button to create a new bookmark;

Lastly, input title content in Title and page number in Page.


As your bookmarks are done, click a icon of bookmark you will see the bookmarks are at the left of main page. Now you can click the title and go to the related page.


In addition, you can set the font and font color of bookmark.

The steps are very simple. Just with few minutes you could save a lot time and bring you such convenience. Why not do it?

Extra tip: Four of six templates in our Wise PDF to Flipbook have the bookmark function. They are Classical, Float, Spread, Flexible.


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