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The Onion Theme Designed for Wise PDF to FlipBook

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    • Introduction

    Onion Theme Designed for Wise PDF to FlipBook!


    Usually we are afraid to peel onion, because it would stimulate our glandula lacrimalis and make us burst into tears. Today this onion theme is not like that. It is a very cute onion who has many strange ideas which will make you laugh. He is such a lovely and naughty onion that you would like him. Taking this lovely onion as background of your page-flip book would bring you many happiness and laughter. This onion theme for Wise PDF to Flipbook designing is free here. There are three templates packed together and you can learn how to use it with the txt document which is called How-to-Install. This theme is suitable for cartoon books and other children related books. You can apply them to create lovely style page-flip book, cartoon related digital brochures, easy flip magazines and so on. With such easy installation and simple design, you can own a refreshing page turning book with 3D effects.



    Screenshot of the Onion Theme:


    onion templates for Wise PDF to Flipbook


    onion templates for  Wise PDF to Flipbook


    onion templates for Wise PDF to Flipbook



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